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LiveQuery for Qlik Sense – Elias first mission at Stretch Qonnect

Creation of a graphical user interface (GUI) for our LiveQuery for Qlik Sense

Having just finished my bachelor’s degree in software engineering at the Technical University of Denmark, my experience with practical appliances of software was quite limited. Despite this, trust and reliance were placed on my professional capabilities to deliver a result. This was quite the opposite of the experiences that my fellow students had met in their part-time study jobs, which often consisted of simple, non-important dull tasks that did not lead to any professional learning or improvement. This trust quickly made me feel like an integrated part of the team and forced me to rise to the task.

So just shortly after joining the team at Stretch Qonnect, I was assigned to a software developing project. The goal was to create a graphical user interface (GUI) for our LiveQuery for Qlik Sense, one of our self-developed extensions for Qlik that allows you to query data in real-time from a given data warehouse, thereby enabling the possibility of real-time Qlik Dashboards.

Writing queries in Qlik Sense and directly getting the data live from the underlying cloud data warehouse is a very strong capability, that many Qlik customers have been asking for. With this new functionality, the users can open many business-critical use cases combining the best of two worlds with Qliks in-memory engine as well as bypassing QVD’s and read live data from the source.

In order to support self-service and the wider use of this new possibility in the business, an alternative to writing the query statements was highly requested by the business. They requested a wizard that could help the business user generate the query statement without having to know or write the queries themselves. This wizard should be easy to use and understand with a graphical user interface that in the background generated the script.

Fast forward to today, the project is done with a great result, and I am currently assigned to other projects; constantly learning and adding to my toolbox of abilities as a software developer and consultant, while simultaneously finishing my master’s degree in computer science at the Technical University of Denmark.

Every day, I look forward going to work. For me, that feeling is a privilege. Being surrounded by extremely competent co-workers that share the same passion for their field as I do, is something that is essential for my professional growth, and I look forward to joining the team full-time when I finish my studies.